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What Customers Are Saying...

"Speed Commercial Real Estate is one of the best. The logistics to moving from our office of 10 ears seemed seamless when they were made aware of the obstacles that we had incurred. They were really great. We were able to move into our office five days before the actual leased date and everything has gone well. As a result of their willingness to work with us, our move only took two days. We are ecstatic about the new space and the new beginnings. Thanks Speed Commercial Real Estate for being the best. "  Akemi L. Stout, JFTPSRP

"It has been a pleasure to lease from Speed Commercial Real Estate. We have been working together for over 5 years now and have always had a great experience. We love our location right in the heart of the metro Jackson area and appreciate all of their hard work helping us find this space and securing a long term lease on our behalf. I highly recommend their commercial real estate expertise."  Blair Chandler, PrimeLending

"Speed Commercial Real Estate, thank you for all your work in helping us to secure this property. It was a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your promptness in responding to my initial call. You did a great job in pulling properties in various locations for us to consider. Your knowledge of both the areas and our needs caused the selection of this property to be a perfect choice. "  Evelyn Sanders, Head to Toe Physical Therapy

"I have two office buildings with 13 suites. For years I tried keeping them leased myself.  At times I would have as many as 6 suites vacant. After realizing that I was inadequate at this and 5 vacant suites, a friend recommended Speed Commercial Real Estate.  My vacant suites are now completely filled within one year.  I am most thankful to Speed Commercial Real Estate for their assistance and highly recommend their services to anyone in the same position that I once was."  Bob Robinson

"My wife and I had very specific requirements when it came to our business space.  Location, layout, parking, utilities, size and cost were just some of the items on our "must have list."  Yes, call us picky! We went through a number of other Agencies prior to finding Speed Commercial Real estate.  The Speed Commercial Real Estate team were great. They listened to our "must have list" and began to provide options of properties she had on inventory and also options from other Agencies. We ended up choosing a Speed Commercial Real Estate property. Singing the lease, meeting the contractors, building out the space and maintenance have all been done with the help of Speed Commercial Real Estate. The whole process has been first class. We will use Speed Commercial Real Estate again when we open another office. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!" Will McBryde

"As a new business owner who was looking for just the right property, I did not know all of the ins and outs of commercial leasing. Speed Commercial Real Estate was fantastic! Not only did they talk me through the commercial leasing process they also answered all of my questions with wisdom and grace. Their knowledge and efficiency was equally matched by their enthusiasm, tenacity and commitment to find the best solution for me.  I will seek their assistance for any future commercial real estate needs. Speed Commercial Real Estate has shown that they truly care about the clients they work with, and want to support them and see them succeed. I highly recommend Speed Commercial Real Estate to anyone with commercial real estate needs." DeLeisa Boykin, Pieces of Grace Inc.